Internal Arts

The three Internal arts of Taijiquan, Xingyiquan, and Baguazhang are renowned for their sophistication and health-building ability.

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External Arts

Our Northern Shaolin program contains external school methods, suitable for fitness and martial foundation for all ages.

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Health and Wellness

What are the benefits to health from training traditional Chinese martial arts?

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Preserving Culture

The traditional martial arts are a cultural treasure of China. In order to preserve this culture, we teach each style we offer meticulously, leaving out no detail, including both forms and applications. Only by obtaining the whole, unaltered art are students able to receive the benefits of this great treasure of past generations.

Promoting Wellness

Though the martial arts were originally intended for combat purposes, over the centuries their focus has turned continually inward, finding common ground with the traditional schools of medicine and scholarly pursuits. The arts, in their transmitted form, contain both martial skill and increased wellness and longevity.


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